Medical Issues

If you have been in an auto accident, there is a likelihood you or someone you love has been hurt in some manner. The extent to which you are hurt varies from minor cuts and scrapes to life-changing, and sometimes life-ending, trauma. Sometimes the injury is not immediately detected but found later the same day, the next day or even a week later. The level of injury in auto accident varies dramatically from person to person. No one accident or injury is identical. Therefore, it’s important to seek the best medical treatment related to your particular injury or condition.

Once you are out of any immediate medical danger, take time to evaluate your situation. Do you need to go to the ER to get checked out? Should you schedule an appointment with your General Practitioner or a Specialist? Should you visit a chiropractor or physical therapist? These are all good questions to ask yourself. The most common mistake is to think the pain will just go away and therefore no medical assistance is needed. This not only increases your risk of further injury but hurts your personal injury claim. You personal injury claim will be evaluated on the evidence presented either to the adjuster in settlement negotiations or at trial.  The adjuster and more importantly the jury will not take your “word” for it as the basis of your injury. Non biased medical records that describe your pain and diagnosis of injury are vital to your claim. Listen to the recommendations of your ER Doctors and/or your General Practitioner (GP), but ask questions and investigate your medical options.  Make sure you find the right doctor(s) for your specific needs.

Myofascial injury (which is more commonly described as “whiplash”) and mild traumatic brain injury (which is often better known as “concussion”) are the two most common injuries in an auto accident.  These conditions are too often treated lightly or even dismissed by the general public. Many times, even the injured party ignores what their own body is telling them. But make no mistake, these are serious injuries that must be recognized and treated in order for full recovery to occur.

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